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Ancient Relief for the Modern World

For more than three thousand years, the hemp plant has been used by cultures worldwide to improve the diet, relieve pain and provide a soothing sense of calm.

Today’s fast-paced lifestyle calls for these benefits now more than ever. That’s why we created our nano-infused hemp teas and waters to relax and replenish you from within. Our beverages are made with the purest hemp extract and electrolyte-balanced water, for a flavor that is herbal yet refreshing for your taste buds, mind and body.

Age-Old Remedy + New Technology

Hemp products are popping up everywhere, but they’re not all created equal. Z&O products are uniquely formulated to deliver more of hemp’s positive properties to your system.
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Our hemp extract is made from the whole plant, so you can benefit from the “entourage effect,” which is when the many chemical compounds in a plant work together to have a greater positive impact on the body.
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Our extraction and purification process removes impurities, leaving only the dozens of natural, beneficial compounds known as cannabinoids.
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We break down our extract into tiny nanoparticles, then infuse it into every molecule cluster of our purified, electrolyte-balanced water. This helps 90% of hemp compounds reach your bloodstream, instead of being filtered out by the digestive process.
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Our hemp extract is third-party lab tested for potency, solvents, heavy metals, fungicides, pesticides, and microbes. Our finished products are again tested to ensure they contain all the hemp extract and cannabinoids we claim.

The Health Effects of Hemp

As more people try hemp-based products, new anecdotal evidence keeps surfacing about the benefits of cannabinoids. While these compounds are still undergoing scientific testing, here are a few of the effects that people have reported experiencing.
Better Sleep
Several cannabinoids are said to aid sleep and insomnia, including helping people fall asleep more easily, stay asleep longer and sleep more deeply.
Stress Relief
Many people report that a hemp cannabinoid called CBD helps them reduce stress and anxiety. Early clinical studies have also shown promising results.1
Helps Inflammation
Some people like to use hemp products for sore muscles or joints; some early research appears positive for arthritis as well.2 Our products also contain electrolytes, so we love using them for post-workout recovery.
Antioxidant Benefits
Studies have shown several cannabinoids are antioxidants.3 Antioxidants help the body counteract free radicals, the toxic by products of oxygen metabolism that can damage human cells and tissues.

The Story of Z&O

Z&O stands for Zen and One, the two words that symbolize our guiding principles. Zen represents our mission to turn ancient herbal healing into a modern relaxation remedy. One stands for how we fulfill that promise: by using the whole hemp plant, and by combining hemp and purified water into one molecular unit.

The Z&O team believes that natural health begins with natural processes. The hemp we use is non-GMO and grown in the U.S.A. using organic farming methods. Click to learn more about our plants and sustainable farming.

Z&O Hemp Tea

Brewed with actual hemp leaves, this bright, refreshing and lightly sweet tea starts out with a lemon twist, and ends with a nano-infused hemp extract designed for full-body absorption. You’ll taste the herbal notes as the herbal benefits relax and replenish you from within.

Best served chilled.

Z&O Hemp Water

Electrolyte-balanced to revive you from the first sip, our hemp water hydrates as it balances with our nano-infused hemp extract. The taste is clean and clear as any water should be, with just a hint of flavor from this magical plant.

Best served chilled.

Z&O Blueberry Açaí Hemp Water

The sweetness of blueberry meets the richness of açaí berry in this fruity herbal tea brewed with real hemp leaves. Fortified with hemp extract, ashwagandha extract and l-theanine, it promotes a relaxed body and a calm yet focused state of mind.

Best served chilled.